They're All Talking About It... Haven't you Heard?

Whether you’re doing a complete makeover of your home or business or looking to add some flare, new window treatments by Bella Draperies can help to create or complete a whole new look.

Window treatments involve a wide range of choices, including blinds, shutters, shades, draperies, valances and cornices. Selection of window treatments is often room or area specific. Decorative valances and cornices can add a formal touch while shutters may offer a traditional look. By the way contrary to popular belief, shades don’t have to be boring. Or choose simple panels for a more modern sleek look.

Working with Bella Draperies, we provide customized and ready made solutions that will give you the greatest range of choices, including styles, fabrics, materials, colors and patterns.

Customized treatments allow for a unique look while providing for maximum adaptability as far as fit is concerned.

Window treatments serve various purposes. Along with dressing the window and creating a stylistic statement, they help create uniformity. The use of specific fabrics and colors will render a certain look. As an example, window treatments can be used to make a room look rich, utilitarian or rustic. Normally, what you put around and across your windows will reinforce the style of the room as treatments are coordinated with wall coverings, furniture, flooring and other design elements.

Customized window treatment solutions by Bella Draperies do not have to break the bank. We find solutions that are budget friendly and that look great. The fact is you can often create a look in various ways and for varying amounts of money. Thus, if one solution is too pricey, we will be able to offer similar choices that are less expensive. When looking for the right window treatments, you’ll be able to create the right look at the right price by utilizing Bella Draperies. The result will be a room that looks perfect in every way.